Tsae Farn Screws Hardware Co., Ltd.

Informações de Contato
  • País/Região: Formosa
  • Cidade: Taipei novo
  • Pessoa de Contato: Mr. S. C. Chen
  • Tel: 886-2-86851777-86850222
  • Fax: 886-2-86862378
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As a professional manufacturer of special screw and hardware parts, screw driver, lanyard, quick release pin, lynch pin, special net, screw driver, u-bolt, screw driver, wire pin, ball lock pin, quick release pin, quick release pin, question mark bolt, we're devoted to R&D of a great deal of precision products and intergrate processing procedures to control cost and delivery for offering high-quality service. MAIN SERVICE: Ball Lock Pin. Screw. Detent Pin [ Click for detail ]

Informações de Contato
Nome de companhia Tsae Farn Screws Hardware Co., Ltd.
País de Origem Formosa
Cidade Taipei novo
Endereço New Taipei, Taiwan
Tel 886-2-86851777-86850222
Fax 886-2-86862378
Site http://www.tsaefarn.ttnet.net
Fecho de correr/Código de borne 238
Pessoa de Contato Mr. S. C. Chen