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Jacquard Webbing

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  • País/Região: Formosa
  • Cidade: Taipei
  • Pessoa de Contato: Mr. Eddy Yang
  • Tel: 886-2-27589160-4
  • Fax: 886-2-27583433-27299176
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Jacquard Webbing

Categoria de produto Webbings do jacquard,Fitas do jacquard,Ribbons/n.e.s.
Método da Venda Exportação,Manufatura
Prazo de Pagamento T/T,D/D
Ordem Mínima: 3000 Jarda
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  • Tainan , Formosa
  • HY1083-3
  • yushin
  • Jacquard
  • ISO 9001: 2000Oeko-tex standard 100
  • 04/18/2024

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  • ** (cm)

Especificações de produto / Caraterísticas

Jacquard Webbing
Size: 21MM
exquisite pattern in single or double sides
Delivery Way - Date Of Delivery: T/T before shipment

YU SHIN DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD commodity: ribbon. Refelective Tape. Jacquard Webbings. Indian Series. Clothing Labels & Tags. Jacquard Rubber. Clothing Labels & Tags. Jacquard Rubber. Laser Cut Label. Jacquard Cordage & Piping. Polyfill Badge. Jacquard Zipper. Elastic Tape. Promotional Lanyards. Woven Tape. Particular Tape. Jacquard Ribbons. Fortune Bag. Jacquard Webbings. stock. Lurex tape. Jacquard elastic. Jacquard three-dimensional webbing. Thermal transfer elastic band

Stripe Tape Jacquard Ribbons are a versatile and stylish accessory that can add a touch of elegance to any garment or project. These ribbons are made from high-quality materials and feature a unique stripe tape jacquard design, making them a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts and designers.
The English meaning of Stripe Tape Jacquard Ribbons can be understood as a symbol of sophistication and creativity. These ribbons are not just ordinary ribbons; they are a statement piece that can elevate the overall look of any outfit. Whether you are designing a dress, a handbag, or even a home decor item, these ribbons can be the perfect finishing touch.
One of the key features of Stripe Tape Jacquard Ribbons is their reflective tape. This reflective tape adds an element of safety to the ribbons, making them ideal for use in sportswear or outdoor gear. The reflective properties of the tape ensure that you will be visible even in low light conditions, providing an added layer of protection.
Another noteworthy aspect of these ribbons is their jacquard webbings. Jacquard webbings are intricately woven patterns that add texture and depth to the ribbons. These webbings can be customized to suit your specific design requirements, allowing you to create truly unique and personalized pieces.
The Indian Series of Stripe Tape Jacquard Ribbons is particularly captivating. Inspired by the rich and vibrant culture of India, these ribbons feature intricate patterns and bold colors that are sure to make a statement. Whether you are creating traditional Indian attire or simply want to add a touch of exotic flair to your designs, the Indian Series ribbons are the perfect choice.
In addition to ribbons, YU SHIN DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD also offers a range of clothing labels and tags. These labels and tags are made from high-quality materials and can be customized with your brand logo or design. They are an essential accessory for any clothing item, as they not only provide important information such as size and care instructions but also add a professional and polished look to your products.
Jacquard rubber is another unique offering from YU SHIN DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. These rubber labels are made using a special jacquard weaving technique, resulting in a durable and flexible label that can withstand regular wear and tear. Whether you are designing sportswear, footwear, or accessories, these jacquard rubber labels are a great choice.
Lastly, YU SHIN DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD offers laser-cut labels. These labels are created using advanced laser technology, resulting in precise and intricate designs. Laser-cut labels are perfect for adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to your products, making them stand out from the crowd.
In conclusion, Stripe Tape Jacquard Ribbons and the various products offered by YU SHIN DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD are a testament to the company's commitment to quality and innovation. Whether you are a fashion designer, a DIY enthusiast, or a business owner, these products are sure to enhance your creations and leave a lasting impression. So why wait? Explore the world of Stripe Tape Jacquard Ribbons and YU SHIN DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD's offerings today and unleash your creativity.
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